Sweet Potato Hummus

  • Sweet Potato Hummus

Great for a seasonal menu or holiday specials!

Portion 12 oz of Grecian Delight® Hummus (#4390) into a bowl and combine with 20 oz of canned sweet potatoes (yams). Drain off juice from sweet potatoes before adding to Hummus, but save juice. Add 5 Tbsp of juice to the Hummus mixture. Blend ingredients thoroughly so the sweet potatoes and juice are completely blend with the Hummus. Store finished mixture in refrigeration for 24 hours prior to serving to allow flavors to come together.


For an added sweet treat, serve with cinnamon sugar Grecian Delight Pita Chips (#035). Just toss freshly fried or baked Pita Chips in cinnamon and sugar, allow to cool and serve.


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