Add Excitement to Your Menu with On-Trend, House-Made Hummus Offerings!

According to Technomic, consumers can’t get enough of globally inspired dishes and flavors on restaurant menus. Adding new signature flavors and features on a regular basis keeps menus fresh and consumers returning to experience the newest culinary adventure.

Drive traffic and increase sales by meeting customer demands for unique limited-time offerings with on-trend, exciting ingredients in a unique house-made dip, sauce or spread featuring Grecian Delight® Hummus.

Ethnic dips, condiments and sauces are an appealing way to add flavor to menus and global-inspired sauces are a top LTO recommendation. By creating rotating or seasonal dips using a single Traditional Hummus base, you can generate continuous menu excitement without adding complexity to the kitchen.

 Traffic Driving       •       Impactful Flavors       •       Culinary & Sourcing Simplicity

Follow these three simple steps to year-round menu excitement:

1.  Start with Grecian Delight Traditional Hummus as a base (#4390 Refrigerated or #4340 Frozen).

2.  Add on-trend and seasonally exciting ingredients.

3.  Menu signature house-made Hummus in a rotating variety of flavors year-round.

Here are some of our favorite house-made Hummus recipe ideas from our very own Chef Tom to get you started with this exciting new LTO possibility:

Skhug Hummus Beet Hummus Coconut Curry Hummus


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     Apricot Chipotle Hummus Guacamole Hummus Jalapeño Honey Hummus


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Pumpkin Hummus Cranberry Hummus Sweet Potato Hummus


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                 Harissa Hummus

Harissa Hummus

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Check back soon for even more exciting house-made Hummus ideas for your menu!