How It’s Made: Pitas & Flatbreads

Discover the Grecian Delight difference as we take you behind the scenes into our bakery. With the many options we provide, each bread has the versatility to be used in any type of cuisine Mediterranean and beyond!

How It’s Made: Sauces

Watch how our incredible wide range of sauces can best complement your menu items. From ethnic sauces like Tzatziki and Harissa to classic Creamy Feta and Honey Mustard, Grecian Delight shows you how these one-of-a-kind sauces are made.

How It’s Made: Hummus

Take a tour of Grecian Delight and our Hummus production line to see the real ingredients in our authentic Hummus product line. Includes some recipe ideas for bringing more of the Mediterranean to your menu.

How It’s Made: Falafel

See how Grecian Delight makes our authentic Falafel Dough and pre-formed Fritters with this plant tour video. Complete with cooking instructions and inspiration for how to bring this trending plant-based protein to your menu.