Tips, Tricks and Applications to Get the Most from Sauces

As flavors from Mediterranean cuisine continues to be on-trend, adding authentic sauces from this fare is an easy way to give a boost to any menu needing an ethnic flavor enhancement.

Layers of Flavor
Mediterranean sauces are an oasis of customizable flavors and tastes in a world where the majority of most sauce options are just spicy in flavor profile, and include a choice of “hot” or “mild.” What sets Mediterranean sauces apart from others is the complexity of flavor and textures. Mediterranean cuisine is built for layering, and sauces are integral for either laying a great taste foundation, or accenting other flavors on the plate. Sauces like Tahini, Tzatziki, Garlic, Hummus and Skhug offer operators, chefs and patrons a wide variety of textures from crumbly feta cheese-infused spreads to creamy Garlic Sauce made with authentic Labna, to temperatures that are, in turn, spicy and cooling, but always bringing the earthy flavors that have made Mediterranean a hit.

Value in Versatility
And while Mediterranean alone is a rising flavor profile, it is also one of the most versatile and adaptable cuisines, pairing perfectly with other flavors. A favorite sauce application from Grecian Delight that is very adaptable for operators is its Feisty Feta spread. Intriguing in flavor combination and construction, and delicious in taste, this feta cheese based spread is combined with sweet tomatoes, herbs, green onions and spicy chilies. A chef looking to give a multitude of dishes a Mediterranean flare with a little bit of heat, Feisty Feta provides another tasty example that Mediterranean flavors pair well with flavors around the world. Feisty Feta can be prepared hot or cold, used as a condiment or blended for use as a sauce in a dish, which makes it a favorite for operators and chefs alike.

Adding Feisty Feta sauce to traditionally Italian Linguine noodles creates a bold flavor combination from both sides of the Ionian Sea. Or, this sauce can put a twist on traditional American comfort food with Feisty Feta Fries and help any menu capitalize on the loaded fry trend. It can even make for an exciting base sauce for a Mexican or Mediterranean themed signature pizza.

Labna, the New On-Trend Yogurt
Another Mediterranean sauce great for enhancing your menu is Garlic Sauce, made with Labna, Grecian Delight’s latest innovation and FABI Award-winner. Named one of Datassential’s top flavors to watch for in 2018, Labna – a Lebanese yogurt that has been strained to remove whey and create a thicker consistency – is the base of the sauce, and is loaded with garlic and a hint of lemon. It’s definitely creative in terms of flavor combinations, but incredibly simple to plate and encourages operator and chef creatively. It is also amazing on a steak, chicken, Shawarma, kabobs or as a dip for onion rings and other fried veggie appetizers.

Feisty Feta and Garlic Sauce, made with Labna are some of the many exciting flavors coming out of Grecian Delight’s kitchen. Constantly looking at new ingredients to be used in the next best sauce, Hummus, dip and/or spread is one of the company’s continued missions. In fact, Grecian Delight intensely studies and maintains a connection with the current trends and flavors in the Mediterranean to keep sauces (and other dishes) authentic. It is that authenticity that gives its sauces the true Mediterranean taste customers are craving.

So if you are a foodservice operator looking to give your menu a Mediterranean spin, look from authentic producers developing sauces, dips and spreads with creative simplicity so that they can be enjoyed as they come, or can be uniquely adapted to any menu.