• Off-the-Cone Gyro Slices

    NEW ReadyCarved Flame Broiled Off-the-Cone Slices - Now Available!
    Just heat and serve - no extra space, labor, special skills or equipment neded

  • Falafel

    2018 Food & Beverage Innovation Award Winning Falafel Fritters.
    This plant-based protein has been called the "Breakout Star of the Mediterranean Trend".

  • Gyros

    Also known as Döner or Shawarma. The Greek word for "spin" is now a much loved staple of Greek & Mediterranean restaurants in the U.S. Gyro meat is often enjoyed on a Pita with Tzatziki sauce.

  • Pita Bread

    The traditional carrier for a Gyro sandwich, this soft flatbread can be traced to Ancient Greece (as well as the Near East and Mesopotamia) and remains a favorite in Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Tzatziki

    The spread most synonymous with Greek cuisine and the popular topping to an authentic Gyro sandwich, salad or platter.

Authentically Ethnic.

Grecian Delight is rooted in the Mediterranean and we are constantly scouring the region for the most authentic and delicious foods to bring to your menu. Let us help take your consumers on a culinary adventure and capitalize on today’s exciting opportunities for Mediterranean.

Al Pastor

Delicious premium pork cuts marinated in a blend of savory chilies, garlic powder and spices. Originating in Central Mexico by Lebanese immigrants, Al Pastor is based on their homeland Mediterranean Shawarma.   Available as traditional cones designed to be slow cooked by a gas flame on a vertical rotisserie, or as our NEW ReadyCarved™ Flame Broiled Off-the-Cone Slices. No special equipment needed and freezer-to-flattop convenience.  

Al Pastor Mexican Pizza

Spicy Mexican Pizza! Select your desired size of Grecian Delight Pita (6″, 7″, 8″ or 9″) and spread with Four Pepper Cilantro Skhug Sauce (#03101). Add ReadyCarved™ Al Pastor Slices (#ME000018) and top with shredded Monterey Jack & Asadero cheeses.