• Grecian Delight One Republic Naan bread

Naan is an authentic Middle Eastern flatbread that provides a great base for sandwiches, pizzas or slice it for dips. Naan has been named one of the “9 Must Have Foods” for restaurants to source in 2017 by Restaurant Business. Pinterest predicted Naan would be one of the top user “pins” in 2017.

From classic ovals and hand-held minis to authentic hand-streatched, we have the Naan solutions for your menu. Don’t miss out on this on-trend flatbread!


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SKU Product Name Unit Weight Case Pack Shpd/Stored
Pita 052902 4” Min Naan 1.5 oz. 18 – 10 ct. Frozen
Pita 052900 8” x 5.5” Oval Traditional Naan 2.4 oz. 12 – 5ct. Frozen
Pita 052910 8” x 5.5” Oval Multigrain Naan 2.4 oz. 12 – 5ct. Frozen
Pita 052901 Oven Fired Hand-Stretched Authentic Naan 4.4 oz. 6 – 8 ct. Frozen