• Phyllo Swirls

Phyllo (or Filo, Greek for “leaf”) is a delicate thin layered dough used for making sweet pastries or savory coee house-style snack pies. Popular in Greek, Middle Eastern and Baltic cuisines, we feature some delicious sweet and savory ready-to-cook snack items, plus some convenient building block shells and sheets for creating your own signature pastry creations. Also check out our classic Baklava and Mediterranean Nut Rolls for that perfect finish to your menu offerings!




SKU# Product Name Unit Weight Case Pack Shpd/Stored
thumb-cheese-phyllo 080 Cheese Phyllo Swirls 5 oz 4 – 10ct bags Frozen
thumb-chzspnch-phyllo 081 Spinach & Cheese Phyllo Swirls 5 oz 4 – 10ct bags Frozen
apple phyllo 082 Apple & Cinnamon Phyllo Swirls 5 oz 4 – 10ct bags Frozen
baklava 400 Baklava 2.4 oz 3 – 36ct trays Frozen
baklava 404 Baklava 3.37 oz 1 – 30ct tray Frozen
nut-rolls-from-med-specialties-group-for-website-thumbnail 402 Mediterranean Nut Rolls 2.15 oz 2 – 42ct trays Frozen
thumb-phyllo-wrappers 059 Mini Phyllo Shells 3.15g/shell 2 – 45ct trays Frozen
thumb-dough-sheets 063 Phyllo Dough Sheets 14” x 18”/td>

25g/sheet 12 – 1 lb. units (18 –
20 sheets per unit)