As the leading Greek food supplier to the Foodservice industry, Grecian Delight is your go-to team to help ensure you are creating the excitement and generating the sales you deserve. We offer unmatched expert insights and an array of on-trend and in-demand cuisine and food innovations from across the Mediterranean.


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The demand for authentic ethnic cuisine has never been higher. The number of consumers seeking out Greek and Mediterranean cuisine are rapidly expanding and they expect to find these new Global favorites at both mainstream and ethnic restaurants.

Grecian Delight offers expertise across all operators from Greek & Mediterranean menus to broadline and non-commercial restaurants in all key segments.

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Maximize your menu with on-trend, Mediterranean meats. Perfect for traditional Gyro sandwiches, platters, salads or a classic old world, open-face presentation. From our popular Gyros to our new hand-stacked, whole-muscle Old World™ Gyros and Shawarma, and even classic Chicago-style Italian Beef, we have a complete collection of quality Specialty Meats to help make your offerings something special.

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Discover new ways to add profitable, on-trend dishes to your menu with recipes featuring Grecian Delight Gyros, Flatbreads, Sauces, Mediterranean Specialties and more.

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