• Greek Feast

    Delight in our wide array of Greek and Mediterranean offerings, We can help you to create the perfect menu accent or authentic Greek meal for your menu.

  • Gyros

    Also known as Döner or Shawarma. The Greek word for "spin" is now a much loved staple of Greek & Mediterranean restaurants in the U.S. Gyro meat is often enjoyed on a Pita with Tzatziki sauce.

  • Pita Bread

    The traditional carrier for a Gyro sandwich, this soft flatbread can be traced to Ancient Greece (as well as the Near East and Mesopotamia) and remains a favorite in Mediterranean cuisine.

  • Tzatziki

    The spread most synonymous with Greek cuisine and the popular topping to an authentic Gyro sandwich, salad or platter.

Authentically Ethnic.

Grecian Delight is rooted in the Mediterranean and we are constantly scouring the region for the most authentic and delicious foods to bring to your menu. Let us help take your consumers on a culinary adventure and capitalize on today’s exciting opportunities for Mediterranean.

Hand-Stacked, Whole Muscle Specialties

Maximize your menu with on-trend, Mediterranean meats. Perfect for traditional Gyro sandwiches, platters, salads or a classic old world, open-face presentation. From our popular Gyros to our new hand-stacked, whole-muscle Old World™ Gyros and Shawarma, and even classic Chicago-style Italian Beef, we have a complete collection of quality Specialty Meats to help make your offerings something special.

Apple Pie Dip with Sweet Chips

Combine one can of apple pie filling with Greek Yogurt (#05006) and served with warm Mediterranean Pita Chips (#035) tossed in cinnamon and sugar for a tempting appetizer, dessert or anytime snack.